18/1 (Tuesday) to 21/1 (Friday) the store will be closed for interior decoration and the delivery service may be delayed.
Enjoy Buy $499 Free Delivery in Hong Kong
18/1 (Tuesday) to 21/1 (Friday) the store will be closed for interior decoration and the delivery service may be delayed.
Enjoy Buy $499 Free Delivery in Hong Kong



Do you have to be a member to shop?

Yes, you have to be a member for the online shopping.

After that you can save your personal details convenience, access orders, and review your order records.


Is personal data safe?

The personal details which you provided that all is extremely safety.

We only use the personal details for order delivery or Customer Services.

Your credit card data will be conservation by SSL. We would not use or save of those data before asking you.


How can I update my profile?

Go in the 'My Account’, you can change or update your personal details.


Forget the password how to do?

You can click on the "Lost your password?" of the website,

provide your email address, then you will receive an email with your new password.


How can I order online?

You click the ‘ADD TO CART' for order products what you want to buy.

When you finished the purchase, you can do the payment process.

The website will show you how to fill in the necessary details.


How can I pay the order?

We accept Visa、MasterCard、UnionPay、Alipay、AlipayHK、WeChat Pay、Octopus、PayMe、atome。


 Is online payment safe?

We will use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect your personal information.

Nowadays, this is the most advanced customer online security technology available,

in order to you can do the online shopping happy and safely.

Your bank details will also be protecting by SSL, it will not be retained and saved on our website without your consent.


Why are credit cards not accepted?

Your credit card may have expired or has reached a credit limit or entered incorrectly that it is not accepted.

Please check your card to see if it is invalid or contact with bank for inquiry.


What to do if payment is denied?

Please contact with your bank or credit company firstly. Credit card authorization needs to be authorized by our bank supplier and your financial institution.


When will it be deducted from the credit card account?

When the screen show 'transaction Successful ‘, your credit card will be deducted.


Why should the telephone number be provided?

 It is necessary that most of express company will ask your phone number.

We will also contact with you base on to answer your question via your phone number


How do I change the shipping address?

After the order is submitted, we cannot change the shipping address.

How do I know you have received the order?

After confirm your payment, we will send you a confirm letter through email


How do I inquire about order status?

You can log in and review order status on 'Orders'.

Once the order is sent, you will receive an e-mail.

This email is including detailed information and an order tracking number.

You can follow the trail of your package through the SF Express delivery.


Where can I find the order number?

You will receive an confirm email with the order number.

At the same time, you may find out the information of your order from ‘my account’,As long as you click the ‘Orders‘ bottom that you can read all details of what did you buy.


How to change or cancel an order?

We reserve the right not to accept returns or replacement for any reason.

Please view our "Return or Replace" for details.


Can the goods purchased at the shop be returned to the store?

Any goods you purchased at the online shop that you cannot be exchanged at the store. Please view our "Return or Replace" for details.


Is the price and discount of goods in the online store the same as the store?

Due to the online shop is operated independently, so that all products price or promotion are different with our store.


Why is the packaging of goods different from the local version of Hong Kong?

As the products are income from multiple countries around the world to Hong Kong.

Therefore, packaging and label of our products might have different with Hong Kong Local Version.


I have not received product what i bought yet

Delivery time is not fixed in usually, or you cant receive your purchased goods

during in specified date, please call 852 2739 8598 (excluding holidays) to contact our customer service, you can also contact us via email.